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Where it all started…

WOMEN IN ACTION SPORTS NETWORK is the evolution of Women in Board Sports, a non profit organisation that started back in 2009 when a group of industry professionals including Girlie Camps founder Marika Borg, Les Ettes Founder Carmela Fleury and the current Country Manager for Burton Snowboards Switzerland Daniela Meyer decided to gather a bunch of women in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, to see what happened.


There and then the community got a name and a space. It already existed but there was no place of reference.


During these 10 years, the WIB crew has also organised an annual lunch meet-up at ISPO MUNICH where a variety of relevant topics and time-worthy networking has taken place becoming a place of reference to meet up with other like minded women professionals.


Why a membership?

The main challenge for WIB over the years has been to find a sustainable solution to ensure its continuity, because it was a volunteer based initiative the continuity of the events and the drive of the community has gone up and down through the years.

With all these learnt lessons and after exploring several options, we believe that a membership business model would fit perfectly to the values and soul of this community.

A membership model is a type of business where individuals pay a small recurring fee to access the value an organisation creates.


Action Media Specialist and
Women in Action Sports Network Founder


Alba Pardo has devoted her whole life to chasing the mountains and the lifestyle of her dreams whilst writing or photographing it. Originally from Spain, Alba has lived in more than ten countries to finally settle down, as much as she can, in the North of Sweden. After many years of freelancing for the main snowboard media outlets Alba founded the Spanish snowboard magazine SBES MAG but she has also had marketing and PR roles for major industry brands and events. She is currently the director of the dirt jump event ‘Happy Ride Weekend’, the media head of the renowned La Poma Bikepark and also the Spanish Snowboard Association (ADES) and manages the whole media and TV team for the biggest action and urban sports festival  in Spain O MARISQUIÑO. She also continues to write regularly for Red Bull  Snow and Bike and the Spanish sports newspaper Diario AS in their action sports vertical.

She has been part of Women in Boardsports since the very beginning and gradually got involved with its running and development until becoming the project leader for the last few years. Representing and advocating for women professionals and athletes has been a big part of her career and passion and with WASN she wants to ensure that women continue to have a place of reunion, inspiration and connection.



Professional Co-Active Coach and

Women in Action Sports Network Co-Director


French-American, outdoors woman, and recovering perfectionist, Justine Mulliez has spent her career in the outdoors industry as a way to combine her love of snowboarding with the challenge of entrepreneurship. With her sights always set on the X-Games, Justine worked as an events producer and media manager for Europe’s largest skiing, snowboarding, and action sports events including X Games Tignes and Barcelona, The Nine Knights & Queens, the B&E Invitational, and numerous others. Following 7 years in those roles, Justine was eager to leave marketing behind and use the outdoors as a tool for growth, especially to empower women.

She switched tracks and became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and founded Just a Wild Thought to serve folks in the outdoors industry starting or growing their small businesses or navigating important life shifts in order to lead adventurous, fulfilling, and meaningful lives. Having faced the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship in the action sports industry on her own, she’s incredibly excited to help other women find their path, build on their strengths, and become the forces of nature they’re meant to be.



Village Crazy Mama Founder
Mother Wild Founder



Swedish Athletic Association
Project Manager


Burton Snowboards
Switzerland Country Manager


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