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Creative writing
San Diego, CA


Hey there, I’m Jessica. I am an experienced Action Sports and Outdoor Brand Marketer. I specialize in Brand Strategy, Creative Content Production, Strategic Partnerships and Project Management. I have invested my career in this space because, well… it’s what I love most about being alive and I have a feeling if you’re finding me here.. you’re probably pretty passionate about it too.

You could say I’m a bit of a thrill seeker, a board enthusiast, a coffee shop connoisseur and an aspiring lifetime adventurer… But most importantly I am a dedicated and ambitious business strategist. There are many things that interest me, but few more than the tactical world of business and branding. It’s what makes our world go ‘round and as consumers we are in constant interaction with its messages. These messages hold unbelievable influence and I think their possibilities are fascinating.

Next to the product or service itself, Marketing, Advertising, and Brand Strategy are the most important business functions that a company can invest in to be successful. This is my world: the world of creative collaboration, groundbreaking ideation and compelling brand strategy. I work hard to create contagious messages that impact consumer behavior and strengthen brand identity. Make it intriguing. Make it relatable. Make it sellable. Bring it close, and they will grab it.




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