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Gender Equality Action Hub

The Gender Equality Action Hub (GEAHub) is a

partnership initiative that aims to bring together companies and organisations committed to gender equity in the action sports industry to promote and develop specific measures to reduce the gender gap in the sector.

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What does it mean to take part in the GENDER EQUALITY ACTION HUB?


Participate in a working group

between companies involved with gender equity


Allocate specific resources to advance gender equity in the action sports industry.

3. ACT

Carry out concrete actions for gender equality during

the year 2022/23.



Collaborate with other organisations to actively create the action sports industry we deserve.

From the GEAHub we propose to work on the following lines, which aim to deepen and even go beyond the Equality Plans of the companies and /or organisations:

  • Auto diagnosis.

  • Detection and eradication of gender bias.

  • Masculinities.

  • Honesty and transparency.

  • Female leadership.

  • Mentoring of women, for women.

  • Bring parents back.

  • Inclusive Branding and Marketing.

  • Positive action policies.

  • Protocols to address gender-based violence.

  • Inclusive talent selection.

  • Contracting of suppliers.

  • Women-first training.

  • Investment in impact projects.

  • Inclusive offices.

  • Reconciliation policies.

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