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Where the real value is: our community.



Become a Network Partner

Become a partner of the Women in Actions Sports Network and help us continue our work developing courses, talks and content and make it accessible to the community. Without partners like you we wouldn't be able to offer all of this knowledge and experiences to the community.

Membership for your employees

Offer your female employees the perk of being part of our membership with direct access to the active community and unlimited access to all of our content as well as great offers for the IRL events.

Present Your Project Sessions

We always showcase the projects, ideas and talents many of our community members We believe that by
giving them the stage and the opportunity to share their elevator pitch, we enable them to create stronger links, connections and partnerships.


We like to believe that we can help get them started or help them explode the full potential of their ideas.


Our goal is to get the feedback their project deserves, and let our community challenge them, ask questions and make suggestions with the goal to help them improve  their project and plans. 

Where does your company come in?

If your company is looking to invest in new projects or collaborations this is a great platform to engage directly with the creators. 

But also you can offer your expertise or your companies' experience to help these entrepreneurs make further steps towards theri goals. 


Industry Sessions

Invitational conversations and sessions for professionals around specific topics that are relevant in different sectors in the industry which aim to strengthen the community but also create consensus and strive for positive change.

The topics for the up&coming Industry Sessions are:

  • Equality and inclusivity in action sports: what is going on and is it enough? How our sports can continue to be a tool for building a more equal and inclusive society. 

  • Sustainability in action sports: is it possible?

  • The role of the events in the evolution of action sports, female progression and in general.

  • Do women learn differently? The need of female specific training and coaching, truth or myth?

  • What's the balance between selling vs covering a need when it comes to action sports?

  • Communities / organisations / federations in snowboarding - How are we bridging the gap and bringing more women to the sport

  • Mental Health in Action Sports: can't continue to be overlooked.

Open Conversations

Free and open organised on-line conversations around a topic related to equality, inclusion, empowerment, health, actions sports culture, sustainability, technology...

We believe these sessions give people a voice and are food for thought. 

You can listen to our latest Open Conversation here:

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