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5 Situations that can be avoided by having a clear vision

What does it mean to have a Vision?

Understanding your why is the anchor of action. It’s what helps build resilience when things get tough, because when you’re starting a business they absolutely WILL get tough. When you’re under torrential downpour, feeling lost on the trail, and scared to continue- you need something to push you forward.

Happiness is build around our ability to meet our potential. This is a natural driving force. Understanding what drives you and how to harness that power is part of being human.

Humans are naturally inclined to move toward instant gratification because of our animal brains. It takes effort to do hard things and having a vision and a plan helps us overcome the decision fatigue involved in starting from scratch every morning. It’s the guiding light of action each morning.

Icebarg in jokularrsson
There is much more to "see" under the water. ©Alba Pardo

How can having a clear vision help you?

Having a clear vision helps anyone with analysis paralysis- you don’t have to make the same choices every day, you just have to continue chipping away at it.

It also helps anyone with avoidant tendencies because you’re continuously giving voice to the thing you want. You’re actively reminding yourself that the thing you’re working towards matters to you.

Having a vision allows you to channel your energy, to make the decision once and then move into action.

And last but not least, you get to measure the progress you’re making along the way. You get to see how far along you’re getting to reaching your goal.

Focus and vision to channel her energy. Sarka about to drop in for a decisive run, surrounded by noise and distractions and choices. ©Alba Pardo

This is why having a vision is important and relevant, but if you aren't quite convinced yet, or you are not sure why the vision of what you want to achieve is so important, here are 5 situations that you could avoid by having a clear vision:

1. Working with the wrong client

Without a clear vision, it can be so easy to take on the wrong kind of clients out of habit, confusion, or fear. However, when you’re clear about who you serve and why, you begin making intentional decisions, ensuring that who you choose to work with is purposeful and beneficial to your business.

2. Saying yes when you should be saying no

Whether it’s saying no to a potential partnership that’s not the right fit, a needy client who takes more than they give, or prioritizing work when you should be making space for rest, not having a clear vision means you’re exhausting yourself by repeatedly having to make the same decisions over and over again. A vision means knowing what path you’ve chosen to travel on and makes saying no to the detours or temptations so much easier, saving you time and energy.

3. Having unrealistic expectations

Businesses require the time to nurture relationships, confirm hunches, and try new things. Not allowing ourselves that time is a guarantee for desperate decision making and disappointment. Having a clear vision means having a realistic timeline for your business growth allowing you to track your progress, reward yourself for the effort you’re putting in, and relieve you of the pressure you’re surely putting on yourself.

Hard work, commitment and passion aren't enough. Without vision you might not be able to keep going. Vero and Gemma with views of what they never though it would be possible. ©Alba Pardo

4. Not taking time off

A sustainable vision requires time off to rest, rejuvenate, and play. Flying by the seat of your pants or attacking the business building process can definitely work for a little while, but without time off purposefully built int1. Working with the wrong client your business strategy, you won’t be able to sustain that pace. Which brings us to…

5. Burning out

Building a business is hard and the risk of burn out is REAL, especially when you don’t have a clear vision that is tied to your purpose and your mission. That’s why having a vision for what you’re building is essential- you need something to come back to when the going gets tough. When you’re under torrential downpour, feeling lost on the trail, and scared to continue- you need something to push you forward and your business vision is the destination you’re putting all this work into reaching.


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