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Hard to say

In 2017, I told my dad that I was quitting my job and it was one of the hardest conversations I had ever had. I was having to advocate for myself and my needs while simultaneously managing the fact that I could hear his disappointment through the silence in the phone. It was hard because I was taking a stand for who I really am and hoping beyond hope that he would understand, that he could empathize. But really, it was hard because I knew that what I wanted to hear more than anything in the world was: "I'm proud of you all the same".

I've grown a lot since then and so had my relationship with my dad. And one of the things that I've learned to do in the last five years, is how to have hard, sometimes brutal, conversations. I've learned to go in with intention, keep a level head, advocate for my needs, hear the other person, and walk away proud of myself for doing something hard.

If this is something you personally struggle with, join the @womeninactionsportsnetwork for a workshop specifically dedicated to give you the tools and the strategies you need to walk into a hard conversation with confidence, and walk back out with your sense of integrity and authenticity intact.


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