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“Don’t be too much” & “you’re not enough”-says your inner critic

As a child, I was a rambunctious tom-boy who was determined to be just as good as the boys, especially in sports. Many of the adults around me hoped I would outgrow this tendency and regularly reminded me that girls shouldn’t be too loud, too rebellious, too assertive. Meanwhile, I was constantly bombarded with reminders of what girls should be like: rail thin, beautiful, pursued, demure. And I wasn’t any of those things either. As a result, I spent years ping ponging between these two thought patterns, so much so that the emotional whiplash has been at times too much.

If this internal conversation sounds familiar, it’s because we all live with some variation of negative self-talk, internal conflict, or physical tension whenever we’re contemplating taking a risk, making a change, or challenging the status quo. Whether it’s a voice in our head telling us to stay small or it’s a feeling in our gut stopping us from playing big, the negative self-talk from our Inner Critic is one of the most debilitating factors when pushing our boundaries, doing something aligned with our purpose, or tackling something new.

That's why we are hosting an Inner Critic Workshop where I will guide you through a series of exercises designed to help you learn about your own Inner Critic and build strategies to weaken its hold over you. Meet other women in similar situations, share wisdom, and empower yourself in your life and your business. In the workshop, we’ll dive into how our self-protective tendencies are holding us back from becoming who we’re aching to be and together, we’ll implement strategies to weaken our Inner Critic and strengthen our most powerful self.

Can't wait to get started with you all! Remember that all WASN members can register directly through the members area at no extra cost. If you are not a member but you'd still like to join this workshop you can still join us for a small fee, just register below.


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