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Spring 2023





The WASN Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is a 3-day intensive dedicated to helping women create or grow successful businesses in the action sports industry.

We've created an in-depth business building curriculum specifically crafted for entrepreneurs in the action sports industry.

In just 3 days, we’ll define your business vision, identify your ideal client or customer, build your strategic plan to create a thriving business that meets your lifestyle goals and honors what’s most important to you.

Whether you’ve been in business for years and need a revamp or whether you’re just starting out with your first iteration, you’ll walk away clear headed, excited, and with the tools and community to accelerate your business immediately.

Taking place in Premià de Dalt just outside Barcelona, this experience also includes housing in a beautiful Spanish Manor converted to a boutique hotel, all the delicious Spanish inspired meals, morning ioga sessions on the manor's terrace and daily activities at the beach and the internationally recognised La Poma Bikepark, which happens to be just next door. 


This is for any female identifying person looking to start or grow a business in the action sports industry. It’s for creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs in any section of the industry including apparel, media, tourism, guiding and more. It’s for women with an idea for a business they know could succeed if only they had the tools, knowledge, and community bring it to life. It’s for women at the idea stage of their business and for women who have been in business for years looking to refresh, revamp, or adapt their business to the changing landscape. It’s for any woman aching to live life a little differently, yearning to make the jump into running their own business, scared but excited to commit to building something of their own. It’s for the women asking:

  • Can I really build a business?

  • Will someone pay for x, y,z?

  • What if I fail?

  • What do I need to do to make this happen?

  • What’s next for my business?

  • Why is this so hard?


  • 12+ hours of structured sessions  and workshops to work on your business

  • 2 expert sessions with established entrepreneurs on how they built their business.

  • 2 collaborative/feedback  sessions

  • 3 nights in a private double room in the beautiful manor Can Casadellà.

  • 3 breakfast, 3 lunches and 3 dinners specially prepared for us Spanish style; if you have any dietary requirements or allergies, just let us know. (Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon)

  • Daily morning yoga class in the privacy of the Manor terrace or garden.

  • A bike/skate session at La Poma Bikepark

  • A SUP / beach session

  • Swag bag

  • Work book which will become your Business Bible

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Can Casadellà is a rural boutique hotel in Premià de Dalt, just 20 minutes north of Barcelona and a stone throw to the local gem, La Poma Bikepark.

It's  three-storey manor house with side galleries and a sgraffito façade in the style of colonial Caribbean houses. More than 1,200 m² built on a 50,000 m² estate reserved only for us.