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How to become a not so lonley freelancer

In 2016, I found myself in the biggest year I’d ever had as a freelancer. I was working on many of Europe’s biggest skiing and snowboarding events and had finally reached many of the goals I had set for myself with referrals, contracts, and finances. And yet, on a harsh winter day, I was hunkered down in my tiny apartment talking to the lonely plant I had bought the week before, as it slowly withered due to limited sunlight. As I sat on my couch trying to force myself into a creative place, I realized how alone I felt as a freelancer. My partner at the time split his year between two steady seasonal roles, my closest friends all had full time jobs, and none of the entrepreneurs or creatives I knew lived nearby. Thi, and the fact that on every event I worked or every team I joined I was the only woman, weighed heavy on me. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of meeting women across the world who are passionate, creative, and determined freelancers and creatives. They’re videographers capturing the world’s best waves, they’re photographers selling images to the biggest brands, they’re writers harnessing the power of storytelling, they’re marketers, virtual assistants, PR managers, social media gurus, artists, illustrators. They’re the creatives holding up the action sports industry both in what they contribute in their work and in what they share with the community at large. As creative beings, we need community. We need brainstorming sessions in the middle of the night, we crave sharing information and best practices, and we love the opportunity to make something more powerful as a team than alone. So join us to do just that.

On March 1st, we’ll be bringing together all of the freelancers of this community so that we can share best practices, ask each other questions, learn from the wisdom of our collective experiences, and solidify our network. Come talk to real people and give your houseplant a break ;) It's a completely FREE session.


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